LayerWalker is an IC design house located in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Founded in 2005, our expertise is the know-how on fast and robust network storage technologies. What we believe is the trend of “network enabled” storage should be cheaper, faster, and simpler. Our technology is based on AoE (ATA-over-Ethernet) and pushes the performance to the best. Today, our AoE SoC solutions are adopted and proved by lots of computer peripheral, multimedia and consumer electronics manufacturers.

LW6800 — SoC of AoE, Hermes LW-6800 10/100Mbps Network Storage Controller
LW16800 — SoC of AoE, Hermes LW-16800 Gigabit Network Storage Controller
miniSAN — USB Storage Box + LW6800
Home Theater — Media player box + LW6800
AoE RAID — RAID SoC + LW6800
Wireless file server — Wireless LAN Access point + LW6800
MP3 Juke Box — Hard disk Juke Box + LW6800
SOHO & SMB file server — miniSAN solution
PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) solutions — PoE + LW6800
Home gateway attached storage — Home Gateway + LW6800
Home-Plug solutions — Home Plug + LW6800
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ME747AK a Multiple Media HDD Player Enclosure is a 3.5″ Valued-add external storage, which supports not only typical USB2.0 storage device function, but also supports multiple media file playback & high performance network sharing functions. With embed user friendly OSD & remote control, user can enjoy multimedia files without PC easily.

Manufacturer: OptiMark Technology Co., Ltd

AOE-GA115030 is Gigabit Network Direct-Attached-Storage RAID Subsystem. AOE-GA115030 is most cost-effective SATA II disk drive RAID subsystem with completely integrated high performance and data protection capabilities. AOE-GA115030 takes full advantage of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet Bus allowing for multi-user and multitasking performance. AOE-GA115030 delivers the performance required for servers and I/O demanding applications such as Video-On-Demand, database servers, workstations, high-end desktops, and image systems. AOE-GA115030 allows two HDD failure without impact on the existing data and failed drive rebuild is transparent to the host. Environmental information is accessible either via the control panel/serial port or Ethernet port.

Manufacturer: IOI Technology Corporation.

NH-260 Efficiently back-up your files, This miniSAN is a mini data backup system. It supports connection of one 3.5″ SATA Hard disk drives, which boosts the capacity for your data backup demand. Using of the SATA interface also provides an efficient data backup solution for your small business, SOHO (Small Office or Home Office) or personal requirement. User-friendly and high compatibility, The miniSAN delivers high performance for sharing your disk on the local network with no IP configuration or server required. The device is plug & play without lousy driver installation and configuration. You may also back-up files from your USB storage devices conveniently by pressing the “Backup” button.

Manufacturer: Netronix Inc.

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